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dc.contributor.authorΊντας, Γεώργιοςell
dc.contributor.authorΣτεργιάννης, Παντελήςell
dc.identifier.citationIntas, G., Stergiannis, P.. (2011). How safe are the airbags? : a review of literature. Health Science Journal". 5 (4), 262-68.eng
dc.description.abstractBackground: The airbags can reduce even 50% of passenger injuries in a car accident. When they are not used properly, they can cause serious injuries. There have been reported several cases with fatal injuries. Aim: The aim of this study was to review the dangers that result from the incorrect use of airbags. Methods: A thorough review, included bibliography research from both the review and the research literature in different databases was done, such as pubmed, scopus and heallink. Results: Many injuries from airbags have been reported in the literature. Most of them are burns from the produced gases during the development of the airbag. At the beginning of their use, airbags opened with great speed. As a result there were a lot of injuries. For this reason, it was proposed to reduce the speed of development. Often problems have the eyes and ears. Less frequent are injuries or fractures of the upper and lower extremities. Rarely, cervical spine and ribs injures from the airbag. We found one case report of placental abruption after airbag deployment in a woman driver. On contact with the airbag, passenger can also injure aorta or heart. Conclusions: The airbags provide safety to the occupants of cars and reduce the mortality even at 50%. When not used in accordance with international standards can cause serious injuries. The airbags should always be used in conjunction with seatbelts.eng
dc.publisherΜαρβάκη, Χριστίναell
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dc.subjectSeat belt-
dc.titleHow safe are the airbags?eng
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heal.secondaryTitlea review of literatureeng
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heal.recordProviderΤεχνολογικό Εκπαιδευτικό Ίδρυμα Αθήνας.Σχολή Επαγγελμάτων Υγείας και Πρόνοιας. Τμήμα Νοσηλευτικήςell
heal.journalNameHealth Science Journaleng
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