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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07-18; 2013-03Εvaluation of a health education programme for the prevention of smoking in secondary education studentsΣταθόπουλος, Θεόδωρος; Σουρτζή, Παναγιώτα
2014-07-18; 2013-03Time-to-treatment for critically ill-polytrauma patients in Emergency DepartmentΜαρκοπούλου, Αικατερίνη; Αργυρίου, Γεώργιος; Χαραλαμπίδης, Ευστάθιος; Κουφοπούλου, Αικατερίνη; Νέστωρ, Αθανασία
2014-07-18; 2013-03Effects of health education on cigarette smoking habits of young adults in tertiary institutions in a northern Nigerian stateSalaudeen, Adekunle G.; Musa, Omotosho I.; Akande, Tanimola M.; Bolarinwa, Oladimeji A.
2014-07-18; 2013-03Decisional involvement among NursesAhmed, Manal Z.; Safadi, Ellen G.
2014-07-18; 2013-03Nutrition Knowledge Level of NursesYalcin, Nurdan; Cihan, Alper; Gundogdu, Haldun; Ocakci, Ayse Ferda
2014-07-18; 2013-03Assessment of patient satisfaction in public hospitals in CyprusΜερκούρης, Αναστάσιος; Ανδρεάτου, Αγγελική; Αθήνη, Ευδοκία; Χατζημπαλάση, Μαρία; Ροβίθης, Μιχάλης; και άλλοι
2014-07-18; 2013-03Dynamics of low-frequency oscillations in heart rate in chronic heart failure patients during load tests under 0.1 Hz controlled breathingKiselev, Anton R.; Gridnev, Vladimir I.; Posnenkova, Olga M.
2014-07-18; 2013-03Information to coronary disease patientsΠολυκανδριώτη, Μαρία; Μπαμπάτσικου, Φωτούλα Π.
2014-07-18; 2013-03The prevalence of daytime sleepiness in Greek adolescents in primary careΚλεισιάρης, Χρήστος Φ.; Μανιού, Μαρία; Δραγάση, Αιμιλία; Μυταρά, Δέσποινα; Ζωγραφάκης - Σφακιανάκης, Μιχαήλ
2014-07-18; 2013-03Effect of Whole-Body Vibration on EMG root mean square signal in a Diabetic type 2 patient with Peripheral Neuropathymation to coronary disease patientsYoosefinejad, Amin Kordi; Talebian, Saeed; Shadmehr, Azadeh; Olayei, Ghloamreza; Bagheri, Hossein