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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02-09; 2013Ανασκόπηση πρόσφατων μελετών πάνω στη διάγνωση και θεραπεία του μη-μελανωματικού τύπου καρκίνου, με τη χρήση των μη επεμβατικών φασματοσκοπικών τεχνικών του φθορισμού και της ανάκλασηςΔρακάκη, Ελένη; Μακροπούλου, Μυρσίνη; Σεραφετινίδης, Αλέξανδρος Α.; Σιανούδης, Ιωάννης Α.
2015-02-09; 2013In vitro and invivo drug-drug interaction study between ketotifen fumerate and chlorpheniramine maleate at gastric and intestinal pHSayeed, Mohammed Aktar; Rana, Sohel
2015-02-09; 2013Blood flow through an overlapping stenosis in catheterized artery with permeable wallSrivastav, Rupesh K.; Ahmad, Qazi Shoeb; Khan, Abdul Wadood; Mishra, Alok
2015-02-14; 2013Formulation, in-vitro and in-vivo X-ray evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of Diltiazem HCL using hydrophilic hydrophobic polymer blendMerekar, Abhijit N.; Kuchekar, Bhanudas S.
2015-02-12; 2013Water quality analysis and human health risk assessment of groundwater from open- wells in the vicinity of a cement factory at Akporkloe, Southeastern GhanaAddo, M. A.; Darko, E. O.; Gordon, C.; Nyarko, B. J. B.
2015-02-12; 2013Metformin hydrochloride sustained release tablet using different matrixing tabletPrajapati, Bhupendra G.; Patel, Rakesh P.; Patel, Dhaval; Shah, Payal
2015-02-12; 2013A two-layered blood flow through an overlapping constriction with permeable wallSrivastav, Rupesh K.; Ahmad, Qazi Shoeb; Khan, Abdul Wadood
2015-02-09; 2013Tapering of antenna array for efficient radiation patternSubbarao, Venkata M.; Khasim, Sayedu Noorbasha; Thati, Jagadeesh; Sastry, M. H. H.
2015-02-09; 2013Εφαρμογές της κυτταρομετρίας ροής στην ενδοκρινολογίαΒενετίκου, Μαρία Σ.
2015-02-14; 2013Design and implementation of pollution monitoring and recording system using microcontrollerDubey, Alka; Shamshad, Mohd; Patel, Kamlesh