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Title: Satisfaction of mentally ill patients living in community based settings
Authors: Ζέρδιλα, Μαγδαληνή
Ζέρβα, Στυλιανή
Πολυκανδριώτη, Μαρία
Κουκουλάρης, Δημήτριος
Ευαγγέλου, Ελένη
Item type: Conference publication
Keywords: Mental illness;Mental health;Community mental health services;Satisfaction;Αποκατάσταση;Ψυχική υγεία;Διανοητική υγεία;Ικανοποίηση;Mental health reform
Subjects: Internal medicine
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2014
Date of availability: 20-Jul-2014
Publisher: Μαρβάκη, Χριστίνα
Abstract: At the end of 20th century, deinstitutionalisation of mentally ill patients has become the focus of attention, globally. Aim: The aim of the present study was to compare satisfaction of mentally ill patients moving from hospital to community based settings (Guest houses, Boarding houses) with their previous hospital stay. Method and Material: The sample study included 200 patients, moving to Guest houses and Boarding houses from a psychiatric public hospital of Athens. Data was collected by the completion of a special designed questionnaire for the needs of the present research which explored satisfaction by personal hygiene, nutrition, sense of safety, sociability, education and professional opportunities and financial support. The reliability of instrument was 0,89. Statistical analysis was carried out using SPSS-16 and statistical methods were t-test and Anova. Results: From the 200 participants, 54,5% was men and 45,5% women of which 87,5% was older than 40 years old. 40% of the sample-studied were living in Guest houses and 60% in Boarding houses. 84,5% didn’t need to return to the Psychiatric Hospital and 75% felt more safe after moving to community based settings. The statistical analysis showed that women were more satisfied by nutrition, p=0,006. According to age, participants of 30-39 years old were more satisfied by the educational and professional opportunities but also more satisfied financially, p=<0,001 and p=0,009, respectively. As far as the marital status is concerned, it was found that married individuals were more satisfied by their nutrition, p=0,032 and that patients with no children felt more safe, p=0,023. More satisfied by their sociability, were those visited often by relatives and friends and those satisfied by their finances, p=<0,001 and p=0,004, respectively. Patients who communicated often with relatives and friends through phone were more satisfied by their nutrition p=0,009, by sociability p=<0,001, by the opportunities of educational and professional re-establishment, p=0,047 and by their fin.
Description: Research article
Language: English
Citation: Zerdila, M., Zerva, S., Polikandrioti, M. & Koukoularis, D. (December 2013). Satisfaction of mentally ill patients living in community based settings. “Health Science Journal”. 7(4):403-416.
Journal: Health Science Journal
Type of Journal: With a review process (peer review)
Access scheme: Publicly accessible
License: Αναφορά Δημιουργού-Μη Εμπορική Χρήση-Όχι Παράγωγα Έργα 3.0 Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
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