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Title: Significance of clustering and classification applications in digital and physical libraries
Authors: Triantafyllou, Ioannis
Τριανταφύλλου, Ιωάννης
Κουλούρης, Αλέξανδρος
Ζερβός, Σπυρίδων Γ.
Δενδρινός, Μάρκος
Γιαννακόπουλος, Γεώργιος Α.
Koulouris, Alexandros
Zervos, Spiros
Dendrinos, Markos N.
Giannakopoulos, George A.
Item type: Conference publication
Conference Item Type: Short Paper
Keywords: SOM;Digital Libraries;Summarization;Document Routing;Ontologies;Query Expansion;Paper-based Libraries;FTIR;Material Deterioration;Ψηφιακές βιβλιοθήκες;Σύνοψη;Έγγραφο δρομολόγησης;Οντολογίες;Επέκταση ερωτήματος;Έντυπες Βιβλιοθήκες;Αλλοίωση υλικού
Subjects: Libraries
Document clustering
Ομαδοποίηση εγγράφων
Issue Date: 29-Jun-2016
Date of availability: 29-Jun-2016
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Abstract: Applications of clustering and classification techniques can be proved very significant in both digital and physical (paper-based) libraries. The most essential application, document classification and clustering, is crucial for the content that is produced and maintained in digital libraries, repositories, databases, social media, blogs etc., based on various tags and ontology elements, transcending the traditional library-oriented classification schemes. Other applications with very useful and beneficial role in the new digital library environment involve document routing, summarization and query expansion. Paper-based libraries can benefit as well since classification combined with advanced material characterization techniques such as FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy) can be vital for the study and prevention of material deterioration. An improved two-level self-organizing clustering architecture is proposed in order to enhance the discrimination capacity of the learning space, prior to classification, yielding promising results when applied to the above mentioned library tasks.
Language: English
Citation: Triantafyllou, I., Koulouris, A., Zervos, S., Dendrinos, M., & Giannakopoulos, G. (2015). Significance of clustering and classification applications in digital and physical libraries. & D. Sakas, & D. Kyriaki-Manessi (Eds.), AIP Conference Proceedings, Proceedings of the 4thInternational Conference on Integrated Information (IC-ININFO 2014), Madrid, Spain, September 5-8, 2014, vol. 1644, pp. 133-140.
Conference: 4th International Conference on Integrated Information (IC-ININFO 2014)
Access scheme: Publicly accessible
License: Αναφορά Δημιουργού-Μη Εμπορική Χρήση-Όχι Παράγωγα Έργα 3.0 Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
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