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Title: Rats as indicators of the presence and dispersal of pathogens involved in zoonoses in Cyprus
Alternative title / Subtitle: ectoparasites, parasitic helminths, enteric bacteria and encephalomyocarditis virus
Authors: Αντωνίου, Μαρία
Ψαρουλάκη, Άννα
Ιωάννου, Ιωάννης
Παπαδρόμου, Μιχάλης
Γεωργίου, Κυριάκος
Item type: Journal article
Keywords: Epidemiology--Congresses;Field studies;Rattus;Salmonella;Zoonosis;Επιδημιολογία;Έρευνες;Τρωκτικά;Νόσοι
Subjects: Topography
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2015
Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Abstract: Rodents play an active role in the transmission of a number of zoonoses by harboring and disseminating the pathogens involved, either through their biological materials or via their ectoparasites. Hence they are the perfect tool for assessing the incidence and prevalence of zoonoses in an area. A surveillance conducted in 51 different areas of Cyprus, an island ecosystem, studied the presence and dispersal of a number of pathogens, using wild rodents as sentinels. Biological material from 625 rodents was examined after macroscopical and microscopical examination and culture for Echinococcus sp., Trichinella sp., helminth parasites, Encephalomyocarditis virus and bacteria. The most widespread pathogens encountered were helminth parasites, found in 92 animals, (three helminth species found for the first time in Cyprus: Cysticercus fasciolaris, Hymenolepis diminuta, Physalloptera spp.) and Salmonella spp. detected in the intestine of 56 rats (12 different Salmonella spp. and serotypes). None of the rodents were found infected with the Nematode Trichinella, the Cestode Echinococcus or Encephalomyocarditis virus. The rodents were infested with fleas, mainly Xenopsylla cheopis. The results, analyzed using the Geographical Information System Technology, revealed 2 of the areas studied as high risk for Public Health.
Language: English
Citation: Antoniou, M., Psaroulaki, A., Toumazos, P., Mazeris, A., Ioannou, I. et al. (2010). Rats as indicators of the presence and dispersal of pathogens involved in zoonoses in Cyprus: ectoparasites, parasitic helminths, enteric bacteria and encephalomyocarditis virus. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.. November 2010, 10(9) pp. 867-873. .Available from:[Accessed 06/04/2010)]
Journal: Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
Type of Journal: With a review process (peer review)
Access scheme: Embargo
License: Αναφορά Δημιουργού-Μη Εμπορική Χρήση-Όχι Παράγωγα Έργα 3.0 Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
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