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Title: Multivariate autoregressive modeling combined with simulated annealing optimization for classifying sources of event related potentials
Authors: Βάσιος, Χρήστος
Ματσόπουλος, Γεώργιος Κ.
Βεντούρας, Ερρίκος Μ.
Παπαγεωργίου, Χαράλαμπος
Κονταξάκης, Βασίλειος Π.
Contributors: Νικήτα, Κωνσταντίνα Σ.
Ουζούνογλου, Νικόλαος Κ.
Item type: Journal article
Keywords: Multivariate autoregression;Simulated annealing (Mathematics);Πολυπαραγοντική αυτοπαλινδρόμηση;Προσομοιωμένη ανόπτηση
Subjects: Medicine
Medical technology
Ιατρικά όργανα και εξοπλισμός
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2015
Publisher: International Society for Bioelectromagnetism
Abstract: Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) provide non-invasive measurements of the electrical activity on the scalp that are linked to the presentation of stimuli and events. Brain mapping techniques are able to provide evidence for the solution of debatable issues in cognitive science. In this paper, a two-step signal classification approach is proposed, extending the use of the Low Resolution Brain Electrical Tomography (LORETA) inversion technique. The first step concerns the feature extraction module, which is based on the combination of the Multivariate Autoregressive model with the Simulated Annealing technique. The classification module, as the second step of the methodology, is implemented by means of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) trained with the backpropagation algorithm under “leave-one-out crossvalidation”. The ANN is a multi-layer perceptron, the architecture of which, is selected after a detailed search. The proposed methodology has been applied for the classification of first episode schizophrenic patients and normal controls using as input signals the intracranial current sources obtained by the inversion of ERPs using the LORETA technique. Results by implementing the proposed methodology provide classification rates of up to 93.1%. Finally, the proposed methodology may be used for the design of more robust classifiers based on the head-surface measured potentials as well as on the intracranial source locations, which directly relate to cognitive mechanisms.
Description: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism and 5th International Symposium on Non-invasive Functional Source Imaging within the Human Brain and Heart
Language: English
Citation: Vasios, C., Matsopoulos, G., Ventouras, E., Papageorgiou, C., Kontaxakis, C., et al. (2005). Multivariate autoregressive modeling combined with simulated annealing optimization for classifying sources of event related potentials. International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism. vol. 7. pp. 78-81. International Society for Bioelectromagnetism: Minneapolis, 10th-12th May 2005.
Journal: International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism
Type of Journal: With a review process (peer review)
Access scheme: Embargo
License: Αναφορά Δημιουργού-Μη Εμπορική Χρήση-Όχι Παράγωγα Έργα 3.0 Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
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