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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-22; 2002-02Preliminary results from a Lagrangian phosphate addition experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean (CYCLOPS)Krom, Michael; Carbo, Pre; Thingstad, Tron Frede; Fonnes, Gary; Kress, Nurit
2015-01-25; 2000-12Cretan Deep Water outflow into the Eastern Mediterranean.Τσίμπλης, Μιχάλης; Βελεγράκης, Αντώνης; Δρακόπουλος, Πάνος; Θεοχάρης, Αλέκος; Collins, Michael B.
2015-01-25; 1998-12Pelagic Tar, Dissolved/Dispersed Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Plastic Distribution in the Cretan Sea, Greece.Κορνήλιος, Σ.; Δρακόπουλος, Πάνος; Ντούνας, Κώστας
2015-01-25; 2000-11-15The role of the North Aegean in triggering the recent Eastern Mediterranean climatic changes.Ζερβάκης, Βασίλης; Γεωργόπουλος, Δημήτρης; Δρακόπουλος, Πάνος
2015-01-24; 2005-08-22Summary and overview of the CYCLOPS P addition Lagrangian experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean.Δρακόπουλος, Πάνος; Krom, Michael; Thingstad, Tron Frede; Brenner, Steve; Carbo, Pre
2015-01-24; 2005Variability of the Cyprus warm core Eddy during the CYCLOPS project.Ζωδιάτης, Γιώργος; Δρακόπουλος, Πάνος; Brenner, Steve; Groom, Steve
2015-01-24; 2005The Atlantic water mesoscale hydrodynamics in the Levantine Basin.Ζωδιάτης, Γιώργος; Δρακόπουλος, Πάνος; Gertman, Isaac; Brenner, Steve; Hayes, Daniel