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Title: Thermo and piezo stimulated currents in rock samples
Alternative title / Subtitle: pre-seismic and co-seismic signals
Authors: Σταύρακας, Ηλίας
Αναστασιάδης, Κίμων
Τριάντης, Δήμος Α.
Βαλλιανάτος, Φίλιππος
Νομικός, Κωνσταντίνος Δ.
Item type: Conference publication
Conference Item Type: Poster
Subjects: Science
Issue Date: 2-May-2015
Language: English
Citation: Stavrakas, I., Anastasiadis, C., Triantis, D.A., Vallianatos, F. and Nomicos, C.D. (2002) Thermo and piezo stimulated currents in rock samples: pre-seismic and co-seismic signals, In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2002. Nice, France, April 2002. Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. A, 03547.
Conference: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2002
Access scheme: Embargo
License: Αναφορά Δημιουργού-Μη Εμπορική Χρήση-Όχι Παράγωγα Έργα 3.0 Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
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