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Title: The potential for dengue in South Africa
Alternative title / Subtitle: morphology and the taxonomic status of aedes aegypti populations
Authors: Kemp, Alan
Φράγκος, Χρήστος Κ. (1949-)
Jupp, Peter G.
Item type: Journal article
Keywords: Classification;animal parasites and pests;viral diseases of animals and humans;Dengue;Aedes aegypti;South Africa;Ταξινόμηση;Παράσιτα των ζώων;Ιογενείς ασθένειες των ζώων και των ανθρώπων;Δάγκειος πυρετός;Νότια Αφρική
Subjects: Public health
Δημόσια υγεία
Issue Date: 5-May-2015
Date of availability: 5-May-2015
Abstract: Some 1,88 1 Aedes aegypti (L.) progeny were reared as sibling samples taken from 196 families representing populations from 18 localities in South Africa, including anthropophilic and non-anthropophilic populations. The number of white scales on tergite I (T1) and in the basal band on tergite II (T2) were counted. Study of family samples showed that 60.2% of families were heterogeneous, containing both the type and formosus forms. Hence the division into nominate (type) and formosus subspecies is considered invalid. Multivariate statistical analysis of variance in the population samples in respect of T, and T2 together showed that each population was significantly different from all the others. However, statistical analysis of T1 and T2 alone showed that although some populations differed significantly, there was no consistent difference between anthropophilic and non-anthropophilic populations. It is concluded that in South Africa Ae. aegypti is a single polymorphic species displaying plasticity in its man-biting behavior.
Language: English
Citation: Jupp, P. G., Kemp, A. & Frangos, C. C. (1992). The potential for dengue in South Africa: morphology and the taxonomic status of aedes aegypti populations. "Mosqito Systematic". 23(3). pp. 182-190. Available from: [Accessed 5-05-2015]
Journal: Mosqito Systematic
Type of Journal: With a review process (peer review)
Access scheme: Publicly accessible
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