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Title: Σύγκριση ανοσοενζυμικών μεθόδων για την ανάλυση αντιθυρεοειδικών αντισωμάτων σε εργαστήρια του ΙΚΑ
Authors: Καρκαλούσος, Πέτρος
Σαββανή, Ο.
Σουβατζόγλου, Α.
Item type: Journal article
Keywords: Αντιθυρεοειδικά αντισώματα;Ανοσοσοενζυμικοί αναλυτές;Αυτοάνοση θυρεοειδίτιδα;anti-TPO;anti-TG;Immunoenzymometric analyzers;Autoimmune thyroiditis
Subjects: Medicine
Internal medicine
Εσωτερική παθολογία
Issue Date: 5-May-2015
Date of availability: 5-May-2015
Language: Greek
Citation: Καρκαλούσος, Π., Σαββανή, Ο. και Σουβατζόγλου, Α. (2005) Σύγκριση ανοσοενζυμικών μεθόδων για την ανάλυση αντιθυρεοειδικών αντισωμάτων σε εργαστήρια του ΙΚΑ. "Ιατρική Επιθεώρηση ΙΚΑ", 10 (6), σ. 19-26. Διαθέσιμο στο: [Έγινε Πρόσβαση: 05/05/2015].
Journal: Ιατρική Επιθεώρηση ΙΚΑ
Type of Journal: With a review process (peer review)
Table of contents: Autoantibody levels of anti-Tg and anti-TPO represent one eparameter in a multicriterion diagnostic process for the diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis. In the Social Security Institute (SSI) the determination of antithyroidanti bodies with immunoenzymometric methods is hold with the devices and the reagents of two corporations. The first is the TOSOH Corp. which manufactures the analyzers AIA 21, ΑΙΑ ΙΙ and AIA 6 0 0 and their reagents and the second the Axis Shield Corp. which runs their reagents on the analyzer Elysis and the semiautomatic system Stat Fax. A ll corporations use as reagents specific hum an antigens Tg and T P O with the exception of Axis Shield Corp. which uses human recombinantantigens (rTPO) for the determination of anti-TPO. We studied the correlation between the various methods and we tried to estimate their sensitivity. It was proved that the correlation between the AIA and Axis Shield ’ s methodologies is only 60% .The reagent rTPO of Axis Shield seems more sensitive than the reagents TPO of AIA analyzers. On the contrary, the determination of anti-Tg has more positive results on AI A analyzers.
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